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Instrumental neutron activation analysis and other analytical methods for determination of the influence of saline mine water on the vegetation (Phragmites australis)
Program č.3+3, 03-4-1128-2017/2022
Předmět výzkumu
The aim of the whole experiment will be to determine the distribution of salts respectively, sodium and potassium and other elements proved to be pollutants in biomass reeds, Phragmites australis, in where it is likely to bioaccumulate. Using of instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) at IBR-2 reactor in Joint institute for nuclear research (JINR) is appropriate for multi elemental determining of biological materials. For mine water remediation, it is advisable to look for procedures that will minimize investment and operating resources and which are also environmentally friendly. The salinization of soil and water is a major global environmental problem that may cause land degradation, reduction of water quality and detrimental effects to vegetation. An inexpensive and environmentally friendly method is phytoremediation in wetland systems. Our experiments were carried out on an operative scale suggesting a novel treatment for green desalination in constructed hydroponics system by salt phytoremediation.
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