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The Department of Mining Engineering and Safety builds on a long tradition of mining departments at VŠB-TUO.

At present, the department provides instruction and carries out research in fields related to deposit mining, land reclamation and mitigation of mining influence, mine workings airing, blasting, geomechanics, mineral processing and recycling, mining safety, and labor safety.

The Department of Mining Engineering and Safety has accredited the study branches: Mining of Mineral Resources and their Utilization, Blasting in Mining Engineering, and Raw Material Processing and Recycling.

Management and staff

Šachťák - Mining events

We stick to old mining traditions in the form of regular 'beer halls', i.e. meetings of the miners' council. These culminate once a year in a festival called 'Jump over the leather apron', which is a traditional miners' initiation rite when new miners are admitted to the guild.

Laboratories and classrooms

The department has special-purpose classrooms and laboratories for instruction and research.