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The Department of Geoinformatics has an accredited four-year doctoral programme in Geoinformatics. Applications should usually be submitted by mid-May of the given year. The entrance examinations take the form of an interview in June of the given year. The course and conditions of doctoral studies at HGF are specified in the Study and Examination Regulations.

Those interested in doctoral studies can choose the topic of their doctoral thesis. Applicants should choose from the topics listed below and then contact a supervisor. Current topics are always available on the HGF website by March of the given year. If any of the topics are not satisfactory for the applicants, an option to suggest their own is available. In such a case, it is advisable to contact one of the supervisors well in advance of the entrance interview, and discuss the proposed topic so that it is clear whether the topic is feasible in our workplace and whether there is a suitable supervisor who could oversee the topic and would agree to the leadership. You can pre-select a suitable supervisor based on the supervisor's professional profile. See the links to the supervisor bios below.

Approved supervisors

Doctoral programmes