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We have been cooperating long term with high schools in order to popularize the GIS field. We offer presentations about geoinformation technologies in the premises of our laboratories at VŠB-TUO or directly at your school during Geography lessons, or potentially Computer Science and Informatics lessons FREE OF CHARGE. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience with presentations for high schools (we organize a GIS Day event every year, have a seminar on “Games involving GPS” within the Week of Science event, and regularly visit high schools throughout the region).

Three types of seminars are prepared for those interested in our presentations. These seminars have various duration times in order to accommodate your schedule. Of course, the content of individual seminars can be modified according to your wishes and requirements. These seminars are suitable for older students, ideally the last two years.

An introduction to geoinformatics

45 minutes - lecture on geographic information systems (GIS) – it is possible to make the presentation shorter and potentially add a presentation about Remote Sensing, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or GPS. It is also possible to incorporate a short competition into the seminar.  

An introduction to geoinformatics and practical GPS activities

2 x 45 minutes - lecture on GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS, unmanned aerial vehicles, practise with GPS instruments, and a GPS treasure hunt competition.

All about geoinformatics

4 x 45 minutes – lecture on GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) - possibility of flight demonstration and data processing, GPS treasure hunt competition, processing of acquired data using Google Earth environment, synchronization of own route with captured photos and their visualisation in Google Earth.

Do you wish to cooperate with us or do you have a question?

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Cooperation beyond the university walls is crucial for us. We constantly strive to develop relationships with high schools and prepare tailored programs.