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Code Title Type of study
548-0138/02 3D Modelling in GIS Bachelor
548-0150/02 Advanced methods in Localization and Navigation Follow-up Master
548-0146/02 Advanced methods in Remote Sensing Follow-up Master
548-0950/02 Advanced Methods of Remote Sensing Doctoral
548-0930/02 Applied Geoinformation Technologies Doctoral
548-0136/02 Bachelor's Thesis Seminar Bachelor
548-0135/02 Basics in Artificial Intelligence in GIS Bachelor
548-0144/02 Branch Practice Follow-up Master
548-0145/02 Cloud Services in Geoinformatics Follow-up Master
548-0148/02 Design of Geoinformation Technologies Follow-up Master
548-0131/01 Digital Cartography Bachelor
548-0956/02 Digital Cartography Doctoral
548-0071/05 Digital Terrain Models Bachelor
548-0071/07 Digital Terrain Models Bachelor
548-0132/02 Drones in GIS Bachelor
548-0114/02 Field Course of Mapping Follow-up Master
548-0114/04 Field Course of Mapping Follow-up Master
548-0083/05 GeoComputation Follow-up Master
548-0953/02 GeoComputation Doctoral
548-0914/03 Geography Doctoral
548-0058/11 Geoinformation Technologies Bachelor
Follow-up Master
548-0915/03 Geoinformation Technologies and Safety Doctoral
548-0915/05 Geoinformation Technologies and Safety Doctoral
548-0913/05 Geoscience Modelling Doctoral
548-0143/02 Geostatistics Follow-up Master
548-0111/04 Geovisualisation Follow-up Master
548-0929/04 Geovisualisation Doctoral
548-0134/02 Geoweb 1 Bachelor
548-0137/01 Geoweb 2 Bachelor
548-0147/02 Geoweb 3 Follow-up Master
548-0050/02 GIS and GNSS Field Works Bachelor
548-0009/09 GIS Data Processing Bachelor
548-0014/05 GIS Excursion Bachelor
548-0064/07 GIS in Regional Analysis Follow-up Master
548-0048/04 Global Navigation and Positioning Systems Follow-up Master
548-0908/05 Global Navigation and Positioning Systems Doctoral
548-0033/06 Human Geography Bachelor
548-0005/08 Information Systems Bachelor
548-0092/04 Interpretation of geodata Bachelor
548-0060/07 Introduction to Geography Bachelor
548-0057/04 Introduction to Geoinformatics Bachelor
548-0057/06 Introduction to Geoinformatics Bachelor
548-0057/09 Introduction to Geoinformatics Bachelor
548-0034/05 Introduction to System Analysis in Geosciences Bachelor
548-0104/04 Legislative and Ethic Aspects of Data Processing Bachelor
548-0149/02 Master Thesis Seminar Follow-up Master
548-0957/02 Methodology of GIScience Doctoral
548-0066/04 Mobile Geoinformation Technologies Follow-up Master
548-0066/05 Mobile Geoinformation Technologies Follow-up Master
548-0012/05 Modeling of Terrain and Landscape Bachelor
548-0059/06 Modelling and Simulation in Geosciences Follow-up Master
548-0152/02 Modern career skills Follow-up Master
548-0042/08 Multimedia Systems Bachelor
548-0040/10 Object Oriented Technologies Follow-up Master
548-0927/04 Planning of Geoinformation Technologies Applications Doctoral
548-0070/06 Principles of Informatics Bachelor
548-0070/08 Principles of Informatics Bachelor
548-0129/02 Programming in GIS 1 Bachelor
548-0130/02 Programming in GIS 2 Bachelor
548-0133/01 Programming in GIS 3 Bachelor
548-0141/02 Programming in GIS 4 Follow-up Master
548-0151/02 Programming in GIS 5 Follow-up Master
548-0093/02 Quantitative methods in geography Follow-up Master
548-0093/03 Quantitative methods in geography Bachelor
548-0004/09 Remote Sensing Follow-up Master
548-0004/12 Remote Sensing Bachelor
548-0019/09 Sources of Spatial Data Bachelor
548-0044/09 Spatial Data Analysis Follow-up Master
548-0921/05 Spatial Databases Doctoral
548-0140/02 Spatial Database Systems 2 Follow-up Master
548-0128/02 Spatial Database Systemy 1 Bachelor
548-0118/02 Spatial Reasoning Follow-up Master
548-0926/04 Spatial Statistics Doctoral
548-0117/04 Spatiotemporal Analyses Follow-up Master
548-0952/02 Spatio-temporal Data Analysis Doctoral
548-0076/06 Technics of Presentation Bachelor
548-0085/04 Training placement Bachelor
548-0115/04 Uncertainty in Geoinformatics Follow-up Master
548-0951/02 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Doctoral
548-0142/02 Visual Analytics Follow-up Master
548-0954/02 Visual Analytics Doctoral