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Hexacopter DJI Matrice 600 Pro

Large unmanned aerial vehicle with a lifting capacity of up to 6 kg, for which we have an RGB camera with two monofocal lenses, a high quality thermal camera and a VNIR Resonon Pika L hyperspectral camera. The DGNSS-RTK is integrated on the copter.

Kvadrokopter DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

Phantom 3 is a complete solution for aerial photography and video acquisition. It is a platform that is “Easy to fly and ready to go out of the box”. Equipped with an on-board camera with a focal length lens with a 3-axis stabilized hinge, it delivers sharp 12MP shots and stable video footage up to 1080p. Together with the iPAD 2 Mini, it forms an elegant remote sensing set!

VSBO and LYSH reference station

We run two departmentally owned GNSS reference stations included in the national networks VESOG, CZEPOS and TopNET providing corrections for high-precision measurements.

GNSS receivers

We have a wide range of equipment for GNSS measurements:

  • 2x Topcon Hiper GD and 4x Trimble R10 for RTK measurements
  • 13x Trimble Juno 3d + Pro 6T for single frequency differential measurements
  • 18x Trimble Juno 3d for autonomous measurements
  • 17x tourist GPS receiver (Garmin Oregon 600 and Garmin Oregon 450)