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Teaching restrictions from 23. 9. 2020

Monitor the current status of emergency measures with regard to the proliferation of COVID-19.

About Us

Department of Geodesy and Mine Surveying was established by a Ministerial Decree at the Mining University in Příbram in 1907. In 1993 the Department of Geodesy and Mine Surveying, a new study branch of "Engineering geodesy", was opened. Since 1993, we have been the only university workplace in the Czech Republic, which provides teaching in the field of "Mine Surveying".

The Department administers the "Collections of Historical Measuring Instruments from the academician Čechura", which represent the historical development of mining measuring instruments and equipment from the nineteenth century. For teaching and research activities we use the Measuring training corridor, a Measuring training observatory, a Photogrammetrical laboratory, a Metrology laboratory, a Fine mechanical workshop, a Specialized measuring classroom with columns to place the surveying instruments, a Library with surveying literature and a Computer classroom.

The research activities of the Department are oriented on the issue of the impact of mining activities on a mine and the surface, and the area of engineering geodesy (measuring and evaluating objects ' movements and deformations).