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Academic year of instruction

Doctoral programmes

Applied Geology

Doctoral degree programmes are aimed at scientific research and independent creative activity in the field of research, development and technology.The studies are oriented towards preparation for independent creative scientific work within the chosen branch and a standard level of knowledge is proved during the doctoral state examination. Ability to attain original scientific findings and develop them further is proved by the defence of the completed doctoral thesis. VŠB-TUO awards its graduates...


The doctoral study programme Geoinformatics offers a modern interdisciplinary study based on a combination of technical and natural-science foundations. The programme develops knowledge in the field of theoretical concepts of geoinformatics (GIscience) as well as in areas such as remote sensing of the Earth's surface by satellites and unmanned systems, building of spatial databases, use of spatial analysis, spatial modelling and simulations, artificial intelligence or advanced GNSS measurement...

Mining and Mining Geomechanics

The doctoral study in the Mining and Mining Geomechanics programme is designed for graduates of the master’s degree programme in Mining of Mineral Resources.
This degree programme is designed to provide students with the opportunity to prove successful in various academic and research institutions, as well as in companies and public institutions engaged in the creation and development of applications covering relevant procedures and technologies used to support the work activities of these...


The PhD study branch is open to graduates of technological fields of processing of mineral resources, waste recycling and water technology. Processing is a scientific discipline that is traditionally related to research and development of technologies to do with mineral resources and water that do not have a useful value as mined, thus being unusable.
The scientific work aims to prepare highly qualified scientific workers, especially for the field of research and development of low-waste or...