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The Faculty of Mining and Geology is a modern faculty which interconnects natural sciences with technical and economic fields of study in a completely unique manner. Its history dates back to the year 1716, when the oldest mining school was founded in Jáchymov.

Within the full-time or combined study the FMG currently offers more than 20 fields of study, which specialize in the environment, geology, geodesy, biotechnology, geoscience and industrial tourism, geoinformatics, economy, automation in the area of raw material industry or applied physics.

It is the only faculty within the Czech Republic that also offers university study of selected mining fields. Concurrent scientific and research activity of pedagogues and students and its interconnection with tuition is also of significant importance and is recognized also abroad. The Faculty of Mining and Geology is currently the second most demanded and attended faculty of the VŠB-TUO. Over four thousand students from the Czech Republic and from abroad attend the university every year. The condition for enrolling for study at the faculty is completed secondary education finished by graduation exam and successful passing of university entrance examination. In study programs not fully occupied in the first round there may be another entrance examination round with specific term for submitting application forms. The evaluation of entrance procedure is based on the results from secondary school study and entrance examination results.

The Dean of FMG can excuse the entrance exam with the exception of the Geoscience and Industrial Tourism, on the basis of consideration of good results from secondary school studies. Actual information is sufficiently in advance published on the faculty Internet pages.