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The Department of Geological Engineering 

The scientific activity of the Institute of Geological Engineering corresponds with its diversity to the structure of the institute. It is focused on the study of geological and deposit conditions in the Czech Republic and abroad, development of research and survey methodologies in deposit geology, engineering geology and hydrogeology, function of geofactors and anthropogenous effects in the environment, mineral raw-materials, their resources and use, geoinformatics, exploitation and storage of liquids etc.


The Department of Mining Engineering and Safety 

The Institute of Mining Engineering and Safety cooperates on professional level with research institutes of the entire Czech Republic. We will mention the Research Institute for Brown Coal, Institute of Geonics, AS, CR or Czech geological service. The institute also focuses on acquisition and elaboration of various grants. The Department of Mine Safety and Deposit exploitation engaged for example in Theoretical bases of solution of remediation of dumps with heating or Improvement method of timely discovering of coal spontaneous combustion. The department of mineral raw-materials in 2006 for example engaged in the Development of new technologies and research of optimum technological regimes in the area of economic processing of mineral raw materials or Recycling of metallurgical wastes from old ballasts.


The Department of Geodesy and Mine Surveying 

The Institute of Geodesy and Mine Surveying apart is interested, from others, in the issues of undermining effects, which are being solved for decades.  In spite of that it is necessary to verify suitability of the used mathematical models enabling prognostic calculations, because the changing conditions of exploitation, like fore example the advance in greater depths, extraction of peripheral parts of deposits, repeated undermining and others incur changes of geomechanical properties of rock mass. On the basis of measurement it is necessary to make the mathematical models repeatedly more precise and accurate.


The Department of Economics and Control Systems 

The Institute of Economy and Management Systems has been for long engaged in organization of international scientific conferences, like the symposiums Mine Planning and Equipment Selection MPES (2002 – Bouzov), International Conference of Engineering Education and Research ICEER (1999 – Ostrava, 2004 – Olomouc), ICAMC international symposiums – today under guarantee of the World Mining Congress and ICCC, ASŘ seminars, STOČ (Student creative and professional activities) student conferences etc. The institute participates in solving of a series of grant tasks within national and international cooperation, solves some EU projects with a perspective of connection to EU frame programs. Solution of grant tasks within GAČR (Grant Agency of the Czech Republic), MŽP (Ministry of Environment) and FRVŠ (University Development Fund) have currently become obvious. Less extensive tasks are solved within HČ.


The Department of Environmental Engineering 

The research and professional activity of the Institute of Environmental Engineering is focused on the following areas: assertion of cleaner production in all parts of industry, assessment of effects on the environment according to EIA, assessment of effects of antropogenous pollutants in agriculture, assessment of storage of wastes on dumps, research of properties of waste products of mining and power industry in terms of their deposition in Carboniferous conditions of the Ostrava-Karvina coal basin, reserch of technologies of deposition of paste-like matters in underground, research of biotechnological methods of removal of inorganic pollutants, assessment of critical loads in surface waters, performance of guarantee tests in individual processing and technological assemblies, technological tests of processability of mineral and secondary raw materials, technology of water treatment and purification – clarification, flocculation, filtration, flotation, flotoflocculation.

Complex research of fine-grain metallurgical wastes, in cooperation with the department of non-ferrous metals FMMI, elementary analysis of coal and specification of calorific capacity, optimization of technological processes of treatment of primary and secondary raw materials, use of metallurgical wastes in construction industry, research in the area of mineral pigments. The faculty also engages in obtaining of grants.


The Department of Geoinformatics 

The Institute of Geoinformatics engages in a series of national and international projects, which include the projects of the 5th frame program of the EU Geographic Information Network In Europe (systém WebCastle), Integrated Water Management of Transboundary Catchments (development of distributed system with a special map server), Metrology In Support To Precautionary Sciences And Sustainable Development Policies, system project for OSN (FAO, UNEP, WHO etc.) within the program of the United Nations Spatial Data Infrastructure, Project of Orchestration of web services, MIDAS project – catalogue of geological data of public administration, project of implementation of tools of spatial analysis of the labour market in the activity of labour offices for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of teh Czech Republic, development of Regional information system of North Moravia and Silesia  for the Regional Development Agency (ARR), project of Modelling, simulation and monitoring of crisis situations caused by adverse precipitation effects, development and operation of GPS reference stations, research and development of mobile geoinformation technologies with INTEL a VOIPAC, collection of spatial data using robot and others.