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The observatory is a place where earthlings can ‘touch’ the universe. Come and see the silvery Moon, stormy planets or mysterious nebulae and galaxies!

To observe the universe, the observatory is equipped with a reflecting telescope which has 35 cm in diameter and almost 4 meters in focal length.  During the observing, you can look at astronomical objects at different magnifications. This means, for example, that on the surface of the Moon, under good observable conditions, you can see craters which are 2 kilometres wide.

In addition to the Moon, you can look at the planets of the Solar System (depending on their current visibility), binary stars and multiple star systems, star clusters, nebulae or galaxies several million light-years away.

Our experienced observers will guide you through the starry sky, show you the bright stars and help you identify the constellations.

Amateur astronomers are also welcomed at the observatory and even expert observing sessions take place here.

The access to the observatory can be very difficult for disabled people and practically impossible for people in wheelchairs, as the observatory is accessible only by a relatively narrow stairway leading from the first floor up to the dome. In order to observe, it is necessary to go up a ladder and look through the eyepiece. The dome is not heated and therefore we advise the visitors to wear clothes and shoes that will keep them warm.