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The Ostrava Planetarium was first opened in 1980 as a part of the Mine surveying base. It got its current appearance after extensive reconstruction in 2012-2014. Nowadays, everybody – small kids, students or grownups – can experience a space adventure in seven different settings.

The main attractions are the performances held in the planetarium hall with a spherical projection and a digital simulator of the universe.  Spherical movies popularizing space, astronautics and natural science are projected in the hall. Also, performances of live and recorded music are held here.

Visitors of the planetarium can look at the real universe through astronomical telescopes during regular public observing sessions or when observing special phenomena such as a solar or lunar eclipse.

Popularization lectures are held in the screening room for people who are interested in more thorough information about space and science. Last but not least, visitors can see dozens of interactive exhibits in the Experimentarium.

The programme of the Ostrava Planetarium is suitable for pre-school children, primary or secondary school students and for the general public as well.