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The staff of the Geological Pavilion offer teachers, pupils, and students activities as complements to the natural science instruction at basic and secondary schools:

  • a guided tour of the collections tailored for different ages
  • extra activities during excursions using worksheets or self-study with the specimens
  • geoscience competition for pupils at basic schools and secondary school students called 'Geologist's Hammer'
  • geoscience seminars for teachers
  • geoscience walks for students and teachers
  • preparation of complementary teaching collections of minerals and rocks for schools
  • Mineralogy Club for basic school pupils (grades 5 – 9)

Guided excursions for basic and secondary schools

The geological collections are open to basic school pupils and secondary school students too.

The staff of the Geological Pavilion will guide pupils and students and tailor the talk to the expected knowledge of the visitors. The excursions may fit into the instruction of natural science subjects (inanimate nature - mineralogy, petrography, palaeontology, mineral resources) or chemistry and physics.

Within self-study, students may learn about inanimate nature building on the information obtained during the guided tour of the Geological Pavilion. During the excursion, pupils and students may work in an interactive classroom, where they may verify the gained knowledge directly with the specimens (identification of minerals and rocks, geo games, models of geological phenomena, working with microscopes)

The guided excursions must be booked in advance via email: or by phone: 597 325 393 (597 325 392).

Entrance fee (guided tour of the collections + worksheet + classroom work)

pupils/ students CZK 40
accompanying teachers (no fee)