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Code Title Type of study
546-0355/07 Air Protection Bachelor
546-0993/02 Alternative methods of metal removal and recovery Doctoral
546-0915/03 Anthropogenic Effects in Hydrosphere Doctoral
546-0825/02 Applied Ecology Follow-up Master
546-0967/03 Applied Ecology Biosphere Protection Doctoral
546-0126/02 Architecture for Brownfields Follow-up Master
546-0440/05 Assessment System of Waste Materials Follow-up Master
546-0388/08 Bachelor's Thesis Seminar Bachelor
546-0124/02 Basic of Environmental Law Bachelor
546-0124/04 Basic of Environmental Law Bachelor
546-0134/02 Basic of Sewerage Bachelor
546-0073/02 Basics of Hydrology Bachelor
546-0044/03 Basics of Microbiology Bachelor
546-0907/03 Biological Methods of Mineral Raw Processing Doctoral
546-0117/02 Biological Methods of Raw Material Processing and Waste Follow-up Master
546-0908/03 Biological wastewater treatment Doctoral
546-0180/02 Brownfield Management Follow-up Master
546-0157/02 Brownfields and their impact on public health Follow-up Master
546-0024/03 Coaching Bachelor
Follow-up Master
546-0024/04 Coaching Bachelor
Follow-up Master
546-0024/07 Coaching Bachelor
Follow-up Master
546-0827/04 Colloquium of the Specialized field Follow-up Master
546-0129/02 Conservation Care in Brownfields Follow-up Master
546-0342/07 Current State and Development of Environment in Czech Republic Bachelor
546-0123/02 Designing Follow-up Master
546-0444/06 Designing of Technologies Follow-up Master
546-0994/02 Development and Research of Composite Materials Doctoral
546-0179/02 Economic Tools for Brownfields Reuse Follow-up Master
546-0127/02 Economy, Management and Marketing of Tourism Bachelor
546-0982/02 Energy recovery of waste Doctoral
546-0517/02 Environmental Geomorphology Bachelor
546-0517/04 Environmental Geomorphology Bachelor
Follow-up Master
546-0842/02 Environmental Impact Assessment Follow-up Master
546-0956/02 Environmental Impact Assessment Doctoral
546-0960/02 Environmental Impacts of Industrial Technologies Doctoral
546-0747/04 Environmental Law Follow-up Master
546-0016/03 Environmental Management Systems Bachelor
Follow-up Master
546-0016/06 Environmental Management Systems Bachelor
Follow-up Master
546-0016/09 Environmental Management Systems Bachelor
Follow-up Master
546-0366/04 Excursion Bachelor
546-0435/04 Flotation of Mineral Raw Materials and Wastes Follow-up Master
546-0979/02 Flotation of Mineral Raw Materials and Wastes Doctoral
546-0516/03 General Ecology Bachelor
546-0981/02 Geomicrobiology Doctoral
546-0816/05 Hydrology and climatology Follow-up Master
546-0450/04 Chemical Method of Raw Material and Wastes Processing Bachelor
Follow-up Master
546-0850/03 Industrial technologies and their impact on Environment Follow-up Master
546-0843/03 Industrial Technologies and Their Impact on Environment Follow-up Master
546-0125/02 Industrial wastewater treatment Master
Follow-up Master
546-0088/07 Informatics and Bibliography Bachelor
546-0088/08 Informatics and Bibliography Bachelor
546-0357/03 Informatics in Waste Management Bachelor
546-0357/05 Informatics in Waste Management Bachelor
546-0335/06 Instrumental Methods of Analysis I Bachelor
546-0940/03 Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis Doctoral
546-0940/05 Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis Doctoral
546-0004/13 In-the-field Training Bachelor
546-0004/15 In-the-field Training Follow-up Master
546-0510/04 Introduction to Biology and Ecology Bachelor
546-0510/06 Introduction to Biology and Ecology Bachelor
546-0851/02 Introduction to mineral biotechnology Bachelor
546-0339/06 Introduction to Waste Management Bachelor
546-0128/02 Investments and Quality in the Construction Industry Follow-up Master
546-0358/03 Legal Form of Waste Management Follow-up Master
546-0856/02 Legislation in waste management Bachelor
546-0494/04 Methods of Ecosystem Studies Follow-up Master
546-0941/03 Methods of Mineralogical Analysis Doctoral
546-0975/02 Microbiology in water technology Doctoral
546-0116/02 Microbiology Practicum Follow-up Master
546-0437/04 Mineral Biotechnology I Follow-up Master
546-0437/06 Mineral Biotechnology I Follow-up Master
546-0438/04 Mineral Biotechnology II. Follow-up Master
546-0988/02 Mine Water Treatment and Utilization Doctoral
546-0115/02 Multicriterial analyses CANOCO Follow-up Master
546-0441/10 Operating Practice Follow-up Master
546-0308/05 Pedology Bachelor
546-0308/08 Pedology Bachelor
546-0974/02 Physical and chemical processes and calculations in water technology Doctoral
546-0980/02 Processing and utilisation of sludge from water treatmanet and purification Doctoral
546-0972/02 Processing of water Doctoral
546-0168/01 Project Communication Management Follow-up Master
546-0181/02 Properties of the Environment and its Components Bachelor
546-0837/03 Regeneration and Reclamation of Brownfields Follow-up Master
546-0832/04 Remediation and Risk of the Brownfiels Redevelopment Follow-up Master
546-0809/03 Remediation technologies Follow-up Master
546-0991/02 Remediation Technologies Doctoral
546-0849/04 Sampling for environmental analysis Bachelor
546-0156/02 Soft-skills for the Job Market Follow-up Master
546-0830/04 Specialized field training Follow-up Master
546-0968/03 Structure of Solids Doctoral
546-0451/08 Subject Field Seminar Follow-up Master
546-0810/03 Thermal methods of waste disposal Follow-up Master
546-0823/08 Thesis Seminar Follow-up Master
546-0823/09 Thesis Seminar Follow-up Master
546-0356/03 Toxicology and Harmful Pollutants in the Environment Bachelor
546-0356/04 Toxicology and Harmful Pollutants in the Environment Bachelor
546-0853/02 Treatment of raw materials and waste III Bachelor
546-0130/02 Urban and Territorial Planning Follow-up Master
546-0829/02 Vegetation Establishment and Maintenance Follow-up Master
546-0514/03 Waste Management Bachelor
Follow-up Master
546-0904/03 Waste Management Doctoral
546-0439/04 Waste Management I Follow-up Master
546-0447/04 Waste Management II Follow-up Master
546-0448/04 Waste Recycling Follow-up Master
546-0854/02 Wastes from mining and processing of raw materials Bachelor
546-0983/02 Waste treatment technologies Doctoral
546-0902/03 Waste water treatment Doctoral
546-0083/02 Water Treatment Bachelor