Institute of Geodesy and Mine Surveying

The institute educates students in the “Engineering Geodesy” and “Mine Surveying” fields of study. he graduates of these fields will find application in performing of land surveying activities according to act no. 200/1994 Coll. and the regulation of the Czech Surveying and Cadastral Institute (ČÚZK) 31/95 Coll., and in mining organizations within the meaning of Decree of the Czech Mining Office (ČBÚ) no. 435/1992 as main mine surveyors.

Professional focus of the institute:

  • monitoring of movement and deformation of terrain and objects
  • monitoring of movement of large rock masses using GPS technology
  • methodology of theoretical calculation of movements and deformations due to effects of exploitation of mineral deposits on surface, mine workings and surface objects
  • study of geodynamic processes in synclinal valley
  • study and analysis of synclinal valley parameters
  • surveying and elaboration of supporting data for the needs of engineering geodesy
  • activity in the area of land registry
  • land photographic surveying
  • digital data processing

The institute cooperates with foreign institutions like ISM – International society for mine surveying or FIG – International federation of surveyors.




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