Institute of Geological Engineering

THE INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING is a part of the Faculty of Mining and Geology of the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. The institute operates in the area of tuition of geology and associated disciplines, where it ensures also the research. Apart from that it is engaged in cooperation with practise, many international projects and with domestic and foreign universities.

The institute also includes geological and mineralogical collections located in the Geological Pavilion of F. Pošepný.

The institute of geological engineering is further divided in six departments:

  • Department of geology and stratigraphy
  • Department of mineralogy, petrography, and geochemistry
  • Department of mineral raw materials
  • Department of geoinformatics
  • Department of engineering geology and hydrogeology
  • Department of technology of survey

The institute is a guarantor of the following bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s fields of study.


Geological engineering

The geological engineering in the master’s study is a technically oriented geological field of study that in necessary extent ensures all the geological research and survey activities. The study is focused mainly on the education of experts in the area of hydrogeology, engineering geology, technical mineralogy and petrography, environmental geochemistry, deposit geology and applied geophysics. The students go through subjects of natural scientific and technical nature, which will enable them to adapt professionally to related and interdisciplinary fields. In theoretical and practical tuition it aims at performing, managing, organizing and evaluating of all types of geological works. The study is permeated with analysis of geological problems and associted technical activities, evaluation of economic and environmental aspects of geological, mining and industrial activities, application of information technology and geoinformatics.


Geoscience and Industrial Tourism

The aim of the bachelor’s field of study is to educate professionals that will after acquisition of basic socioscientific, natural scientific, technical, economic, organizational and language knowledge participate in the development of tourism in the Czech Republic, mainly oriented on the natural environment, natural riches, mountain and technical monuments. The graduates can assert themselves as independent professional experts in the area of organization and promotion of tourism and as qualified organizers and guides in the area of tourism specialised in non-living nature and use of natural riches.


Geological engineering

Doctor’s study of Geological engineering comprises study of geological sciences with significant technical orientation. It is characteristic by its emphasis on general theoretical base applied on the sciences about Earth. Profound study of basic geological disciplines constitutes a basis for special theoretical and applied deposit, engineering-geological, hydrogeological, geomechanical, geophysical, bore-technical and other technological disciplines. Great emphasis is put on the area of geological informatics, design and evaluation of results of works, economy and management in the survey and industrial geology and environmental care issues.



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