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Study programme Mining and Mining Geomechanics

About study programme

The doctoral study in the Mining and Mining Geomechanics programme is designed for graduates of the master’s degree programme in Mining of Mineral Resources.
This degree programme is designed to provide students with the opportunity to prove successful in various academic and research institutions, as well as in companies and public institutions engaged in the creation and development of applications covering relevant procedures and technologies used to support the work activities of these entities in practice.
The study programme aims to prepare students who will have a deep and systematic knowledge of the subject and scope of the study field that will match the current state of knowledge in this field. This will allow them to use advanced research procedures in the field in a way that allows them to expand their knowledge of the field via original research, as well as the implementation and management of projects introducing new ways of solving various issues concerning the raw materials industry into practice.

Study curriculum

Faculty Faculty of Mining and Geology
Type of study Doctoral
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme P0724D290005
Title of the programme Mining and Mining Geomechanics
Regular period of the study 4 years
Coordinating department Department of Mining Engineering and Safety
Coordinator prof. Ing. Vlastimil Hudeček, CSc.