Application process for NON - Erasmus Foreign Students

A Non - Erasmus student applies to the Study Programme that he/she prefers at a chosen faculty on the basis of an application form for studies in the English language. Part of it is a declaration about an applicant’s knowledge of the language in which the entrance examination and the study will be given. The study programmes are usually offered in the Czech language. A lifelong Czech language course will be organized in cases of at least 10 applicants. The price of a two-semester course will be 40 000 CZK (EUR 1 400) in the 2008/2009 academic year. 
Individual faculties can organize some study programmes in English.
In case of studying in English, students have to pay a Tuition Fee - 5000 EUR generally (the tuition fee is non-returnable). It may be a little different based on agreement with the faculty.
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Applicant who presents the following documents will be invited to the entrance examination.

a) Application form must be completed in the marked columns, signed and sent to the following address: VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Department for Study Affairs – 921, 17. listopadu 15, 708 33, Ostrava – Poruba, Czech Republic.
The deadline is the end of May.

b) Verified copies of documents gained abroad for the recognition procedure of equivalence. 
Bachelor Degree candidates - secondary school graduation certificates and the list of subjects they have passed. The documents on secondary education must be translated into Czech.
Master and Doctoral Degree candidates - certificates, diplomas, degrees, a full record of educational history or Diploma Supplement, etc. The documents on higher education must be translated into Czech or English.
If an international agreement on recognition equivalence exists, confirmation of the equivalence is issued. If an international agreement does not exist, the authenticity of the content of the translated documents must be verified by a competent authority. The authenticity of signatures and stamps on original documentation must be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the state which is the seat of the institution that had issued the document or by the embassy of the Czech Republic and a notary in the respective country. Such legislation is not required for documents coming from countries which are parties to a relevant international agreement abolishing the requirement of legislation for foreign public documents.

c) Confirmation of payment of the Registration Fee 
The registration fee, including expenses for correspondence, administration and services is 150 EUR per one study programme and is non-returnable.
Applicants are admitted to study by the dean of the faculty, usually after passing the entrance examination.
The applicant who has passed the entrance examination (in mathematics) successfully; demonstrated his/her knowledge of the language, in which the study will run; presented the document about payment of the tuition-fee; presented the document of General Insurance Company about health insurance in the Czech Republic; presented his/her valid visa and passport - is admitted to study by the matriculation to study. The applicant becomes a student on the day of the matriculation to study.

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