About EAMP 2019

The Conference

EAMP Conference is open to scholars, researchers, experts from the industry, state administrators and partner organisations that are active in mining, processing of mineral resources, and waste disposal or reuse in relation to environmental protection. The conference represents a platform for the exchange of practical experience on new technology, international projects, and research and development. This way, time is devoted to discussions on the topical issues that the stakeholders in the fields of mining, mineral processing and waste reuse face worldwide.


Hot topics

Critical raw materials

Circular Economy in Mineral processing

Landfill mining

Smart materials: metals, waste, carbon


Core Topics


  • Environmental Policy and Instruments 
  • EIA, IPPC, EMS, EMAS etc.
  • Waste management; Water, Air Protection; Nature and Landscape
  • Environmental Risks
  • Brownfields
  • Environmental Technologies and Appplications
  • Sampling and methods of chemical and mineralogical analysis

      Mineral processing

  • Treatment and use of mineral resources
  • Metals, ceramics, glasses, polymers, composite materials, fibers, nanostructured materials
  • Mechanical activation
  • Dewatering and thermal drying
  • Froth Flotation and Flocculation
  • Agglomeration, briquetting and pelletisation
  • Gravity separation and Heavy media separation
  • Recovery of precious metals, such as Ge, Be, Li, Co, Mg, La, Ce, Nd, Sm, Eu, etc.

      Biotechnology in Environment

  • BBB - Biodegratation, Bioremediation and Biodeterioration
  • Phytotechnological purification of water and bioenergy utilization of plant biomass
  • Advanced process of biomaterials and biodegradables
  • Biomineralization, Biofilms
  • Pollution evaluation of heavy metals in soil near smelting area by index of geoaccumulation
  • Industrial mikrobiology and Geomicrobiology
  • Microbial production of high-value products: fuels, chemicals, etc.

      Some other hot topics: (not a comprehensive list)

  • Coal properties and coal petrography
  • Waste disposal and pollution
  • Surface chemistry of coal and minerals
  • Utility waste product utilization
  • Water treatment
  • Process simulation
  • Materials Science
  • Recovery valuable metals from red mud
  • Waste and recycling legislation
  • Bulk materials

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