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What can you study with us?

Economics of Raw Materials

Mineral Economics

We all encounter raw materials every day. The house in which we wake up in the morning and live would not be able to be built without the raw materials, the mobile phone that is our all-day partner is full of precious minerals, without which it would not work and would not be. And the clothes? We wear it every day! It is also made from raw materials. The raw materials simply surround us and are everywhere, life without them can not be imagined by any of us.

You may be surprised that the raw materials themselves are the subject of trade and therefore it is important to focus on the business that touches them. During your studies, we will teach you a lot of important information about mineral deposits and their use, trade inraw materials , processing of raw materials and their use in industry.

In the field of study "Economics of Raw Materials", we will develop in you skills combined with management, desire to do business and gain insight in modern IT tools and means for data presentation. As a graduate of this study programme, you will then be applied to the positions ofmanagers , commodity traders in industrial enterprises and the financial sector, specialized officer and civil servant of state administration and local government.

Come to us and become an expert who can solve problems and does not just protect definitions and lessons, and who works sensitively to the environment.

Mineral resources-Raw material management economy

Bachelor's state final examinations do not end. If you are in agreement with this statement, a study is prepared for you, which will expand and deepen the acquired knowledge and skills. Now you know that raw materials really are the key to meeting the needs of people and society as a whole..

However, the search for raw materials, their acquisition and processing is not the work of an individual, but of a team of experts who have specific knowledge and skills. One of them is the manager. And precisely in the field of management of companies and companies engaged in mining and processing of mineral resources. In these companies, you can act as a manager or technical-economic worker in positions from medium to top level of corporate governance.

Since our own experience is the most valuable, in management subjects we jointly develop the ability to work ina team , manage meetings, evaluate our co-workers, analyze the results of the economy and evaluate investments. In addition, you will understand modern industrial technologies, which will allow you to be ahead of the competition if you want to be ahead of the competition.

Mineral extraction and processing is a specific sector. However, this does not mean that you will not be prepared for jobs in the manufacturing industry or the financial sector. The specialist you become in our country is also needed in the public sector. The future is not without raw materials. The future is not without you.